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SCULPT/Cardio Jump: $19

10 class packages available:


SCULPT & Cardio Jump- $150   


all of our classes are equipped with blocks and mats

mat rentals for HOT YOGA classes are $2 & towel rentals $1.00



Clarisse ॐ

Clarisse Khalsa (also known as by her spiritual name Gian Dharam Kaur in the Yoga world) is an international Kundalini Yoga Teacher from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Since birth, Clarisse has been recognized as a natural healer; and as soon as you meet her you know this to be true. She possesses a powerful presence, healing hands, and an intuitive guidance that cannot be learned. 

At the young age of 20, Clarisse began her studies in Kundalini Yoga and Ayurvedic Therapies, and at the age of 21, she traded her home in Brazil for The Mother Ashram of Kundalini Yoga in New Mexico in order to devote herself to her practice and became specialized in Kundalini Yoga for Addictive Behaviours.

Under the pressure of the New Mexican desert, Clarisse emerged a diamond, and for the last year and a half, she has been shining her healing light on the East End of Long Island. Clarisse has recently become trained to play the Gong, which she uses to bookend her Kundalini Yoga Classes as well as to provide Gong Baths at healing circles and for her private clients.


Clarisse is excited is truly honored to share her vast knowledge and experience with everyone in the community.

Deborah ॐ

I have been blessed with many traumas in this lifetime which afforded me incredible opportunities to learn, heal, find closure and evolve. As a survivor of incest, I bear witness to the fact life is precious, a constant work in progress and not to be taken for granted. I am grateful for every one of my traumas leading me to my greatest blessing -- recognizing and embracing healing as a Master Reiki Teacher as my life purpose since 1996. My training is with the Usui Reiki technique.


I incorporate my Himalayan singing bowls and shaman ocean drum for sound healing together with intuitive reiki healing. Make no mistake, we ALL have built-in capabilities to heal ourselves. At this complicated time on our beloved earth, we find ourselves searching for answers, for health, for love and positive quality of life. Now is the time to give yourself permission to tune into and trust your inner voice, your intuition, your higher power (however you choose to call that) and to tune out negative energies. By aligning ourselves with positive spirit, we collectively heal ourselves, others and the world.


Hands-on Healing Session: Come join me in a session with my shaman ocean drum that transports you to the beach with its wave sounds, a guided verbal meditation to relax and allow you to be receptive to healing; Himalayan bowls dating back to the 17th century that when struck or played vibrate and organically resonate and stimulate and balance the body’s chakras. Reiki, a non=invasive technique that flows through my hands as a “vessel” to you as you comfortably lay fully clothed will activate, restore and maintain physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being. The combination of all these modalities in a safe, secure “space” will create an incredible meditative healing journey you will want to revisit again and again.

Emily ॐ

For Emily, her love of movement started at a very young age when she took her first ballet class. Being a ballerina exposed her to the Pilates world and in 2005 she got her Pilates mat and apparatus certification from Body in Sync in New York. She went on to teach Pilates at In Balance Pilates studio in Sag Harbor. 

Her love of setting movement to music has only evolved into what she currently does to personally keep herself in shape! Thus the sculpting class was born!

In 2015 after the birth of her daughter, she could no longer attend classes with the freedom she once had. Being home bound forced Emily to workout when her daughter napped. She is very much inspired by the Tracy Anderson method and LEKfit. Through trial and error and what worked on her body, she curated a system that’s fun, effective, and really sweaty! This workout was designed to create long, lean muscles by using light weights at an aerobic pace. Emily's son was just born 7 weeks ago and she did this routine throughout her pregnancy and now postpartum to get her back in shape.

Every movement is done with precision and intention to create beautiful definition and balance in the body. You will release amazing endorphins while you sweat to upbeat music, and hopefully have a lot of fun!

In Emily's spare time, she enjoys surfing with her husband and going on long woods walks with her two children. She has been a high school teacher in Sag Harbor for 14 years. Emily loves hanging out with other moms, sweating, going to the beach, coffee and her family.


Emily earned her Pilates mat and apparatus certification from Body in Sync

Leah ॐ

Leah is a lover of movement and energy and began discovery of both yoga and belly dance in 2004 as a means to seek confidence, poise, balance & santosha (contentment in spite of life’s inevitable ongoing challenges-remains seeking!). As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist she has been promoting health and wellness in the field of nutrition for 20+ years.  She attended CW Post/LIU, obtained her Masters from SUNY Stony Brook and works for Northwell Health in Bay Shore since 2004 as the Chief RD and Wellness Liaison. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Satya Yoga & Pilates/East Coast Yoga University in August 2017 and teaches with humor, joy, and encouragement to go beyond and find your personal comfort within you and without you through the eight limbs of yoga. Yoga found her when she needed it and aspires to help others to be found through yoga. 

Hot Hatha Iyengar Class:  This class is a hot Iyengar-style grounded in pranayama (breath work) and asanas (postures) focused on flexibility & alignment with a concentration on hip opening as well as core, leg & arm strengthening. Asanas are held longer to build strong yoga foundation increasing strength, stability and stamina to aid you in all other styles of yoga and flows. Class will leave you feeling energized and balanced connecting your body mind & spirit with your breath. 


Savannah’s yoga journey began in the winter of 2016 mostly as a way to slowly gain muscle and build flexibility. After a few weeks she realized that the benefits of this practice go far beyond the physical, and into the realms of mental and spiritual healing and growth, through the mind-body connection. In 2018 Savannah completed her RYT 200 at Om Sweet Om.

When she’s not on the mat you can find Savannah outdoors amongst the plants. Her passion for sustainable agriculture and foraging allows her to be present in what she’s doing, just like in yoga.  

Savannah wants to share the knowledge of yoga’s potential to change your life for the better by focusing on the physical as well as the emotional-subtle body.

Beth ॐ

As a curious spirit traversing this world Beth's, yoga practice has spanned a several decades and disciplines. With a background in the criminal justice system and healthcare publishing, Beth welcomes and encourages the idea of bringing body, breath and communication into union...both internally and externally.  She is a lifelong learner that recently graduated from the House of Wellness Teacher Training program and is very excited about sharing the diversity and depth of yoga with others in her new community on the east end.

Beth is certified in Hatha, Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga and Prison Yoga and Yoga for Recovery.


Melissa Mapes is a Earthworker by day, and Birthworker by night. She is an an avid naturalist and environmentalist who combines her love for nature into powerful birth work that reminds humanity of its wild roots through her small local business, Living Wild on Long Island. 

As a part of Living Wild, she believes that the true positive change in this world happens at birth. We must educate and empower ourselves through our life experiences. A positive birth experience will forever change the mother, father, and child for the best. 


Living Wild on Long Island offers Birth Doula Support, Postpartum Care Doula Services, Instinctive Birth Workshops, Wild-crafted Wellness Products and Wilderness Workshops to help encourage conscious relationships to the natural world.

Knowledge is power. Birth is beautiful. Follow your instincts. Empower yourself!


We design our Instinctive Birth Workshop to help birthers and their partners to feel strong, confident, and connected to the beauty of the natural phenomenon of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. 


Our workshop is based on the Birth and Beyond Resources curriculum and includes educational materials and demonstrations about birth preparation, birth environments, affirmations, self-care, wish-lists, physiological phases of labor, variations and interventions, labor coping techniques, massages, labor positions, placenta functions, hormonal changes, postpartum care and disorders, newborn care, baby wearing, umbilical cord care, diapers, circumcision, vaccines, breast-feeding and everything in between.

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Vanessa ॐ

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