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[ whole body vibration therapy ]

Whole Body Vibration Therapy has been found to help strengthen joints, muscles and balance. Ten minutes on this machine is equivalent to thirty minutes of running.


Whole Body Vibration Therapy advances the detoxification of your body by naturally stimulating the lymphatic system with vibrations. Think of your lymphatic fluid as little vacuum cleaners that suck up toxic debris. The fluid relies on vibration, motion and movement to advance itself – that is why exercise is so important.


The involuntary muscle contractions created by Whole Body Vibration Therapy can also create a metabolic effect and burn calories. You are contracting and expanding your muscles and nerve endings. Almost 100% of the muscle fibers are utilized, which improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and boosts metabolism.


Whole Body Vibration Therapy stimulates muscles which pumps blood into the smallest capillaries of the body, allowing the cells to receive fuel more rapidly and causing waste products to be disposed of much faster. By enhancing your local circulation they help to build a stronger immune system. Whole Body Vibration Therapy can help to build bone density, fight osteoporosis, and reduce your back and joint pains. Whole Body Vibration Therapy is also said to reduce cellulite and stimulate collagen production for smoother skin, as well as boost human growth hormone level. It may also speed muscle recovery after working out and help balance stress hormones.


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