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Chris 0. 

“Your only as good as the people you surround yourself with. The same applies for your health. I love coming here to help support my full over all health. Great health potential , great people, amazing knowledge and state of the art equipment. “

Meg & Kristine

"We absolutely love this good bath spa treatment. So relaxing and peaceful. I (Megan) felt an immediate desire to take a nap, I got so relaxed. Amazing!"

Patrick S.

At Reiki with Deborah...Patrick said "Wow! I have been here for the last 3. You might as well just sign me up for the next 20. I don't see a reason I would stop coming here. Every time is progressively more powerful.

Nikki M. 

“I love the different varieties. Picking up my fresh pressed juice makes My on the go lifestyle so much easier. I get the nutrients I need to increase my energy levels. Love this juice !”

Antoine W.

“Feelino2good is like a little gem in riverhead that is now part of my ritual when I trek out west. Great service,great products, great energy. I drink alkaline water and kombucha regularly and love the oxygen bar. I tried all of the services they offer and I’m sold ! Feelino2good is now part of my self care routine.”

Ellen B. 

"My husband and I were in Manhattan the other day and it was hot and muggy and we were running from one place to another and just feeling wiped out. I remembered that I had it in my purse so we both took the dose Matt recommended. A  pea size dissolved under our tounges and then rinse it down with a hot tea.  We were pleasantly surprised that not only did we get a boost of clean clear energy but we also had an elevated degree of optimism and a jovialness about us. We had a truly remarkable rest of our day comparitively. The warm drink really made it hit us harder I think. This guy Matt really knows his stuff. He really cares." 

Kaitlin B. & Scott S.

"I absolutely love this place. Such a great hub of healing and connection. I breathed so much fresh oxygen that I became an air head. We always laugh and I always leave feelin O2 good"

- Kaitlin Brown 

"Matt has helped me quit smoking and I've only been come for 2 weeks. This o2 bar, the people that come into the shop, the inspiration and the education... I'm investing in my health for the first time in a long time and I'm really beginning to feel the changes. And I got a free tarot reading today from my new friend Katelyn. This is my new spot!"

- Scott S

Linda C. 

Visiting from Guildford ct 
“Nice to find a special spot like feelino2good during my recent visit to L.I. That has all around health offerings in one place !”

Kenny S.

"This is the only place on Earth to find carbonated Chaga Tea on tap where we can buy a half gallon at a time. It's always a surprise, the next new organic product that you will find in this shop. The next one always better than the last. Top quality every time. And the more people that come to the shop the more they drop the prices. If the world operated by this business model we would have a much more peaceful existence. Cheers."

Kelly K. 

 "This certified organic kombucha is remarkable... you can really taste the difference. I'll be back for my 1/2 gallon refill each week."

Christina & Albert

“Felt the energy flowing with the Ionic foot detox. We feel refreshed and relaxed. Great atmosphere here at feelino2good.” 

- Christiana

Christina & Albert

Stopped in for kombucha and alkaline water refill.
“A body in motion stays in motion”
”Love is my religion”


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